Ingredients for the Cannelloni

Ingredients for the ground beef
some oil
1 chopped onion
390grm ground beef
100grm red wine
100grm sauce (small tomatoes)
1 cinammon stick
1/2 a tea spoon spices
freshly ground peper
3 soup spoons grated cheese(from the 230grm)
250grm canelloni
1 small glass tap water for dipping the canelloni
Ingredients for the sauce
some oil
2 garlic cloves (smashed)
300grm sauce (small tomatoes)
freshly groundes peper
for the sour cream
250grm full fat sour cream
140grm full fat milk
1 egg
freshly ground peper
230grm grated cheese (for sprinkling)


Please see video upright 🙂