Ingredients for the Stuffed pork role with cabbage

pork stuffed with cabbage
50grm oil
1kg chopped cabbage
2 celery twigs
1 tea spoon paprika
1/2 tea spoon chilli peper(boukovo)
juice from a lemon
some balsamic vinegar with fig
100grm of water
about 1,5kg pork thigh without bones
thread for tyding
100grm oil
200grm white wine
500grm water
Ingredients for the pilau
enough water in the pot
1 mug of yellow rice
1 carrot
1/2 a mug peas
100grm fresh butter
Ingredients for the cream
1/2 a glass water
1 soup spoon corn flour
wroth that is left from the pork


Please see video upright 🙂