Ingredients for the Stuffed rooster No2 For the stuffing Oil 1 medium onion 450 grams beef minced meat 1 glass red sweet wine 140 grams yellow rice Pepper 2 pinches of salt 50 grams of pines 95 grams blond raisins 10 boiled chestnuts 1/2 a bunch of dill A 3 kilo rooster Salt Pepper 3 kilos of potatoes 2 pinches of salt Pepper 2 soup spoons slightly spicy mustard 2 soup spoons honey Juice from 2 lemons oil 1 glass of water For the topping 1/2 a glas red sweet wine 1 soup spoon slightly spicy mustard 1 soup spoon olive oil 1 soup spoon honey Reminder: the last 40 minutes before turning the oven off we cover the rooster with aluminum foil
Execution: Please see video upright 🙂